Dental Veneer Cost and Why It Might Vary

Dental veneers are custom-designed explosives of tooth-like ceramic material that, once applied over the surface of a tooth, can cover the enamel of worn teeth, uneven tooth alignment or spacing and chips or cracks with little or no anesthesia required. An alternative to crowns, veneers will not necessitate the dentist to remove much of the tooth in most cases. Dental veneers may help to make a bright white smile with well-formed and beautifully aligned teeth. The average cost nationally of dental veneers is around $700 per tooth.

Good Dental Health Is Essential

Before getting dental veneers, you must make sure that your teeth are in good condition. What this means is that you do not have to face any major problem of gum disease or decomposition. They are not designed to solve problems such as this. Dentists consider them a form of cosmetic dentistry that means that the chief objective is to enhance the appearance of your smile. They will not aid with more serious problems.

Whether you suffer from gum disease or tooth decay, you are not eligible to receive them. Your dentist will not be able to put them on when you have advanced problems. You can still get them, but first, you will need to get your teeth in a healthy state. Nor can you use this treatment if you do not have enough tooth enamel.

Dental Veneers Are Permanent

Another important thing to keep in mind is dental veneers are permanent. This is actually not a temporary solution. When you put them on, they are there forever. There is a possibility that one accidentally detaches, but apart from that, they will not be coming off.

To put them on, your dentist must shave the enamel off of your teeth. This is an essential step to get them to put on. After this, there is no approach to recover the enamel. It is essential to keep in mind that this is a great permanent solution to the problems you have with your teeth.

Consider the Cost

Dental veneers cost a lot of money and are usually not covered by insurance. What this means is that you should take seriously to improve your smile forever if you want to get it. You can think to pay between $ 600 and $ 1200 per tooth, depending on the kind of veneer you use. Porcelain usually costs more for the reason that it lasts longer.

You ought to also think about the fact that, although they are very durable, dental veneers can come off. It does not happen habitually, but if you do, you will have to pay to have it substituted. Be sure you are truly committed to this before you do it.

How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

In general, Veneers last between 10 and 15 years. After this time, the veneers would require being replaced.

Do Dental Veneers Need Special Care?

No. Decent oral hygiene practices are still recommended, including brushing and flossing as you generally would. Even though porcelain veneers resist stains, it is recommended to avoid foods and drinks that cause stains, for example – coffee, tea or red wine.

If they are suitable for you, dental veneers are an excellent way to recover your natural smile. It is an effective way to repair chips, stains and other problems that we improve with our teeth over the years. If you think of doing it, get a consultation with a dentist and discuss with them. They will be able to tell you for sure whether you are a candidate and recommend what type is best for you.